Population of Bhopal 2019

Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and the legitimate central station of Bhopal district and Bhopal division. It is an extraordinary city and it is also known as the City of Lakes for its various trademark, reenacted lakes and furthermore one of the greenest urban zones in India. Bhopal is the seventeenth largest city in the country.

population of Bhopal 2019

The city has been selected as one of the twenty urban zones to be made as a smart city under the Smart Cities Mission and will be the first smart city of the country in the coming years. Additionally, the city is known for its amazing food and also the Nawabi culture. Therefore, you’ll find a lot of people speaking Urdu over here.


To reach the correct number as per the population of Bhopal in the year 2019, the population of the previous 5 years needs to be checked. They are as follows:

  1. 2014 – 2.9 Million
  2. 2015 – 2.95 Million
  3. 2016 – 2.98 Million
  4. 2017 – 3.3 Million
  5. 2018 – 3.388 Million

When you go through the population numbers of Bhopal from the year 2014-18; it is clearly seen that the population has increased by 0.488 Million in the last 5 years. By this, each year the population increases by 0.0976 Million. Hence, the population of Bhopal in 2019 is as per estimates is 3.388 Million + 0.0976 Million = 3.4856 Million. So, the population in 2019 as per estimates = 3.4856 Million.

Bhopal Population 2019 –3.4856 Million. (estimated).


The aggregate literacy rate over here is around 85.24%, with male and female literacy rate at 89% and 80% respectively in the city. Out of the city’s aggregate population, 1.25 million comprised of Hindus, 500,000 were Muslims and rest was Christians and others. The general public over here speaks in Hindi. Regardless, perfect Hindi isn’t spoken, to be honest; rather the language spoken by individuals is to some degree blended with gigantic Urdu vocabulary. Thus, Hindustani is more common over here as compared to Hindi.


The population density of Bhopal is roughly around 855 persons per square kilometer. The population growth rate has been decent enough over the years and it has been seen that over the past decade the population growth rate has touched 24%. This is a tremendous number and it demonstrates why the number of people living here is growing at a good rate. There have been a mind-boggling number of workers from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh that has added to the far-reaching number of population in the city.


  1. The city of Bhopal is famous for the UNESCO World site named Bhimbetka. The stone safe house is acknowledged to be the early affirmation of Stone Age rock artistic creations. It is a site that one should visit when you are in this part of the country.

  2. The city is well known for silver upgrades, brilliantly beadwork and cushions too.

  3. The city of Bhopal was made on the site of an eleventh-century city known as Bhojapal, set up by King Raja Bhoja.

  4. Bhopal as a city was set up during the middle of the eighteenth century and was ruled from 1844 to 1926 by the begums of Bhopal, prestigious women rulers. Despite how the population was basically Hindu, the royal family of here was Muslim.

  5. Bhopal has a mix of present-day city life and an old world charm to it with inclinations and lakes offers astounding brilliant views. The city is the seat of two or three foundations of higher institutions and has a huge mosque.