Population of Bhusawal 2019

Bhusawal is a city situated in the state of Maharashtra. It is located on the stream Tapi and National Highway 6 goes through it. The Ajanta Caves are around 63 km from the city of Bhusawal and it is ranked 69th number in terms of the cleanest city in India. The river Tapi courses through central India, between the Satpura Range and the Ajanta Hills. Bhusawal railroad yard is one of the greatest yards in the whole of Asia. Amid the steam train time, a train shed was there.

population of Bhusawal 2019

The loco shed at Bhusaval was built up by the Great Indian Peninsula Railway in the year of 1919. Around then it was the biggest in Asia and third biggest on the planet. Amenities in the railway station include public call office booth, mechanized reservation office, retiring room, vegetarian and non-vegetarian refreshments and also a bookstall. The northern and southern passageways have different ticketing windows.

There is also a free 4 wheeler parking zone at the northern passageway. Many trains pass through Bhusawal Railway Station to other parts of India, especially going to the eastern part of India.


To find the population of Bhusawal in 2019, the population of the last 5 years has to be checked. They are as follows:

  1. 2014 – 240,389
  2. 2015 – 267,584
  3. 2016 – 290,442
  4. 2017 – 313,620
  5. 2018 – 338,507

The population of Bhuswala in between the year of 2014-18 is listed above and it is seen that there is an increment of 98,118 in the past 5 years. In terms of figures, the population by each year increases by about 19,623.6. The population of Bhusawal in the year of 2019 is estimated to be 338,507 + 19,623.6 = 358,130.6. So, the population of Bhusawal in the year 2019 as per estimates = 358,130.6.

Bhuswala Population 2019 –358,130.6. (estimated).


The population of Bhusawal as a city is 187,421 as per 2011, with about 96,147 males and around 91,274 females. The literacy rate out here is 88.38%, with 91.74% males and 84.87% for females. Hinduism is the main religion with a following of 64.06%, followed by Muslims at 24.4% and Buddhists at 9%. The aggregate number of slums is 3,258 in the city. This is around 9.24% of the aggregate population of Bhusawal.


The population density of Bhusawal is 14,008 people per square kilometer. The population has expanded by 8.7% in the past 10 years. In 2001 the population of the city was 1.7 lakh. Population growth rate of females is 9.8%, which is 2% higher as compared to male population growth rate of 7.8%.


  1. The city is known for banana production. Dealers come to Bhusawal to purchase crude bananas. Bananas are sent out over the world from here. It is additionally known for its exceptional white Brinjals which is grown over here as well.

  2. Bhusawal is an essential business hub for the encompassing cotton-developing region. It additionally trades in bananas and peanuts and has a large scale oil-processing industry.

  3. Tanarika Resort is an elegant resort with 33 rooms and with all modern amenities. It is definitely one of the best places to stay in case you head to Bhusawal.

  4. Religious devotees regularly come to Bhusawal and its adjacent towns to look for the heavenly blessings. Khadke town, which is near Bhusawal has various temples, including Ram Mandir, Ganpati Temple and some more. The biggest and most well-known temple in Bhusawal is Mari Matha Mandir, visited by a large number of people every year.

  5. Local transports and auto-rickshaws are effectively accessible throughout the city.