Population of Davanagere 2019

Davanagere is a city in the focal point of the state of Karnataka. It is the 6th biggest city in Karnataka. It is surely a cotton center point and subsequently referred to as the Manchester of Karnataka. The business endeavors of the city are presently ruled by agricultural industries as well as education.

population of Davanagere 2019

Davanagere as a city is also famous for its rich culinary conventions. Additionally, there are numerous attractions within the city that one can visit and get a glimpse of it.


To get the actual population numbers of Davanagere in the year 2019, we need to find the population of the previous 5 years. They are as follows:

  1. 2014 – 480,500
  2. 2015 – 498,720
  3. 2016 – 524,610
  4. 2017 – 542,400
  5. 2018 – 566,110

With the population numbers of Davanagere from 2014-18 shown above; there is a noticeable increase in 85,610 in the past 5 years. As per the given figures, every year it is seen that the population increases by 17,122. Therefore, the population of Davanagere in 2019 is expected to be 566,110 + 17,122 = 583,232. So, the population of Davanagere in 2019 as per estimated data = 583,232.

Davanagere Population 2019 –583,232. (estimated).


As per the 2011 enumeration, the city had a population of 435,125. Males consisted of about 52% of the population and females at 48%. Davanagere as a city has a literacy rate of 85%, which is higher as compared to the national average. The literacy of males within the city is at 89% and female education is 81%. 12% of the population in the city is under 6 years old.

Despite the fact that the city experienced religious uproars in the 1990s, the communities have attempted endeavors to connect the misconception and exhibiting solidarity towards looking after peace. Kannada is the main language spoken here.


The population density of Davanagere is 5640 people per square kilometer. The population has expanded by around 19.3% in the past 10 years. In 2001 the population of Davanagere was around 3.6 lakh. The population growth rate of females is 21.9%, which is 5% higher as compared to the male population growth rate.

The population growth of the city is growing at a pretty good rate and one of the reasons for this is people migrating to the city from nearby areas.


  1. The city is very much connected with other cities like Bengaluru and different urban areas in the state by KSRTC transports. Numerous privately owned transports offer services to different places inside the state.

  2. It presently has the status of a City Corporation and picked up this on 6 January 2007. The city is headed by a mayor, assisted by council members. The city is separated into 41 wards and the council members are chosen by the general population of the city.

  3. The city of Davanagere has been chosen as one of the Indian urban areas to be made as a Smart City. It even proceeded to be highlighted in the rundown of initial 20 urban communities to be created under the mission by Urban development ministry.

  4. The city of Davanagere is quite popular for its rich culinary conventions which envelop the decent variety of dishes from the state because of its topographical position. Remarkable among them is the benne dosa that is related with the name of the city.

  5. The railway station of the city goes under South Western Railway zone and was built amid the British time frame and has been redesigned as of late.