Population of Imphal 2019

Imphal is the capital of Manipur. It has a sticky subtropical climate with sensitive, dry winters and hot summers as well. July temperatures are in the range of 29 °C. January is the coldest month with temperatures touching about 4 °C.

population of Imphal 2019

The city has been home to a countless number of athletes that have gone ahead to represent India on the world stage in different types of sports from boxing to weightlifting.


To reach the correct number as per the population of Imphal in the year 2019, the population of the previous 5 years needs to be checked. They are as follows:

  1. 2014 – 308,506
  2. 2015 – 321,089
  3. 2016 – 340,169
  4. 2017 – 353,386
  5. 2018 – 365,794

When you go through the population numbers of Imphal from the year 2014-18; it is clearly seen that the population has increased by 57,288 in the last 5 years. By this, each year the population increases by 11,457.6. Hence, the population of Imphal in 2019 as per estimates is 365,794 + 11,457.6 = 377,251.6. So, the population in 2019 as per estimates = 377,251.6.

Imphal Population 2019 –377,251.6. (estimated).


The number of educated individuals in the city was 219,261 as indicated by the 2011 insights. The literacy rate was of 91.70%. Coming to the sex ration, it is 1,055 females for 1,000 males and that is an astounding figure. There was an aggregate of 25,877 kids from birth to age six and those were 13,347 boys and 12,530 girls, almost 10 percent of its aggregate population.


The population density of the city of Imphal is 643 persons per square kilometer. The population growth rate has been unflinching for Imphal consistently and it is normal that the pace of growth will continue in the years to come. Stood out from other Indian urban cities, the city hasn’t been up to the mark in terms of population growth and it has been seen that reliably there is a large number of people moving or leaving the city for a prevalent future and desires. There isn’t generally any number of people moving to the city and the ones who are moving are in the form of the Army men posted over here. Henceforth, the number of people in the city hasn’t been growing at a required pace and that has achieved a slower growth of the population of the city.


  1. Imphal was the site of a noteworthy triumph (1944) for British and Indian troops against the Japanese in World War II.

  2. Khuman Lampak Main Stadium is the multi-use stadium in Imphal. It is utilized for football and also other sports. The stadium holds a capacity of about 30,000 and was basically made in the year 1999. The NEROCA FC of I League is situated in the city and they actually use this particular Stadium as their home ground.

  3. Kangla Fort is located on the banks of the Imphal River and is otherwise called the Palace of Kangla. Kangla implies dry land in the Meitei dialect. The stronghold was the royal residence of King Pakhangba and furthermore has religious importance. In the fort are various temples and it is encompassed on three sides by a lake

  4. The Imphal War Cemetery recalls British and Indian fighters who battled and lost their lives in the Second World War in 1944.

  5. The women’s’ market known as Ima Keithel is a market and it is entirely run by females and it is apparently the only kind of market on the planet.