Population of Jabalpur 2019

Jabalpur is a city in the state of Madhya Pradesh. As per the 2011 evaluation, it is the nation’s 37th largest urban agglomeration. The city is also the regulatory home office of Jabalpur zone and the Jabalpur division. Amidst the nineteenth century, it was incorporated by British India as Jubbulpore and consolidated as a cantonment town. Since Indian Independence, there have been requests for an alternate state of Mahakoshal, with Jabalpur its capital. It is one the hundred Indian urban zones to be made as a Smart city under Smart Cities Mission.

population of Jabalpur 2019

The city is vast and developing and it is a noteworthy education point in India. Jabalpur is one of the significant places for the production of arms and ammunition and a noteworthy army base. The city additionally has a subtropical sort of climate. Summer starts in March, holding on until June. The slopes of the city with their sorts of minerals attract geologists to come here. The city is consolidated by delightful hillocks as well. Jabalpur has a food list of its own with different types of spices added in its food.


Finding out the population figures of Jabalpur in 2019 will require the population of the previous 5 years. They are as follows.

  1. 2014 –1.4 Million
  2. 2015 –1.57 Million
  3. 2016 – 1.7 Million
  4. 2017 – 1.82 Million
  5. 2018 – 1.926 Million

When we go through the population figures of Jabalpur from 2014-18, it shows that in a span of the last 5 years the population has gone up by 0.526 Million. Eventually, every year the population increases by 0.1052 Million. The population of Jabalpur as per 2019 and in terms of estimates is 1.926 Million + 0.1052 Million = 2.0312 Million. In conclusion, the population of Jabalpur in 2019 as per estimates = 2.0312 Million.

Jabalpur Population 2019 –2.0312 Million. (estimated).


Hinduism is the principal religion in Jabalpur with around 80 % adherents. Islam is second with 15.03 %. Christianity is followed by 1.59 % and Sikhism 1%. According to reports, the population in the year 2011 is 1,055,525; in which male and female are 545,510 and 510,015.


The population density is placed at 478 persons per square kilometer. The decade population growth has bobbed up by 30% as indicated by the 2011 specification. Moreover, the population growth consistently has hit another high with quick pace population growth. There are distinct components that have added to this fast-paced growth of the city. One reason can be the better openings for work, which has by some methods pulled for people to come here and work.


  1. Jabalpur Engineering College is actually the Second Engineering College to be set up in the country.

  2. The Collectorate is the primary collectorate in which has obtained the enormous ISO-9001 declaration.

  3. The city’s way of life is identified with the provincial population of the city and including zone. Clothing and food change with the season. Jabalpur has a broad number of Bengali, Punjabi and Baniya populations as well

  4. It comprises of a subtropical weather. Summer starts during March and continues till the month of June. The period of May is the most sweltering month, with temperatures outflanking 45 °C. The spring season is followed then by Monsoons in the city.

  5. The slopes of the city with their sorts of minerals attract geologists to come here. The city is consolidated by low, delightful hillocks. Its essential stores are Upper East Side of Jabalpur and water is in addition drawn from the Narmada River by the general health department.