Population of Varanasi 2019

Varanasi is a city situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the supernatural capital of India. The city lies along National Highway 2, which interfaces with Kanpur, Agra, and Delhi. The city developed as a key present-day center known for silk, fragrances and so on. Buddha is said to have developed Buddhism here in 528 BC. The city’s religious significance kept developing in the eighth century. The Pandavas are known to have visited here in search of Shiva to for various reasons and issues related to the Kurukshetra War.

population of Varanasi 2019

Moreover, the city encountered revamping of Hindu culture during the 16th century under Mughal Emperor Akbar and he put resources into the city to make two temples in the name of Lord Shiva and also of Lord Vishnu. Additionally, the city is known to be a holy place and every year there is a large number of people coming from all parts of India and also from foreign countries to enjoy the rich views and cultural side of the city of Varanasi. Varanasi is said to have a long list of attractions that shows the old history of the city.


To know the population of Varanasi in 2019, the population of the past 5 years has to be checked. They are as per the following.

  1. 2014 –3.92 Million
  2. 2015 –3.98 Million
  3. 2016 – 4.06 Million
  4. 2017 – 4.106 Million
  5. 2018 – 4.1552 Million

When you see the population of Varanasi from 2014-18, it has been seen that the population has gone up by 0.2352 Million in the past 5 years. Therefore, the population of the city increases per year by 0.04704 Million. The population of Varanasi in the year of 2019 is 4.1552 Million + 0.04704 Million = 4.20224 Million. In conclusion, the population of Varanasi in 2019 as per estimates = 4.20224 Million.

Varanasi Population 2019 –4.20224 Million. (estimated)


The number of inhabitants in the urban agglomeration of the year 2001 was 1,371,749 and about 879 females for 1,000 males. All things considered, the locale under Varanasi Nagar Nigam has around 1,100,748. The literacy rate in the urban agglomeration is about 77%. Around 138,000 individuals in the city live in the slums.


The population density of the city of Varanasi is about 380 persons per square kilometer. It is said to have a determined population growth with an extension in the number of people relocating to this great city. The city has a large number of people from Bihar as they come here searching for work and in addition, has helped the city in growing additionally in regards to population. The female population out here is relentlessly growing too.


  1. The archeological assertion of the earlier known settlements around Varanasi in the Ganges valley proposes that they started in the twentieth century BC, which makes it one of the world’s oldest urban areas.

  2. Chandradeva, creator of the Gahadvala dynasty made the city the second capital in the year 1090.

  3. The city of Varanasi saw a revamping of Hindu culture in the 16th century under Mughal Emperor Akbar, who put everything to make two big temples committed to Shiva and also Lord Vishnu.

  4. In the midst of the period of Gautama Buddha, it was the capital of the Kingdom of Kashi. It is said that Buddha set up Buddhism in the city around 528 BC when he gave his first message.

  5. The city of Varanasi was made by Lord Shiva. The Pandavas came here in search of Shiva for numerous things and issues related to the Kurukshetra War.